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There is nothing quite like a handmade silk rug and for this reason we prefer to show silk rugs separately from the other rugs. One of the things that make silk rugs so detailed is the fineness of the yarn which lets the silk weavers produce an extremely detailed carpet.

All designs are completely planned with every element of the design being carefully worked out before the piece is made. Amongst the finest silk rugs are Persian carpets that are made of silk on a silk foundation.

These rugs are highly regarded because of the quality and intricacy of the pattern.

One of the main reasons that silk rugs are more expensive is because of the additional time taken to weave them. Because silk is a lot finer than wool the knot count in a hand crafted silk rug is often three or four times higher than the equivalent handmade wool carpet. This means that a silk carpet can have a lot more detail when compared to a wool carpet and this is also the reason silk carpets feel a lot more luxurious.

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